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Ecstasy was supposedly patented in 1913 by some German chemical company to be sold as an appetite suppressant, but they decided against marketing the diet pill and had nothing to do with it. It was banned federally in 1985.

I've tried just about every drug out there and XTC is the only drug I actually enjoyed. it lasts anywhere from 3-6 hours. It gives the most intense feeling that is hard to describe; half hour after you take the pill there's a intense rush-like feeling followed by a sense of pure pleasure/bliss, it produces positive feelings, empathy for others, elimination of anxiety, and extreme relaxation. Of course it does include crappy stuff such as involuntary teeth clenching (which is why most ravers suck on those pacifiers)and give you that bug eyed look.

Becareful though if you can't handle your drugs (like me at times) I do not recommend doing E, it can make you do and say things you will be ashamed of after the high is gone, plus the comedown can be huge a bitch. Not to mention the long-term effects that can leave you at risk of developing permanent brain damage that may manifest itself in depression, anxiety, memory loss, and other neuropsychotic disorders (some of which I may actually have now)
If you wanna try it do it once or twice, so you won't become one of those E-tarded burn-outs
by Helena April 25, 2005
refers to the time 11:11 am or pm. time to make a wish!
omg make a wish its 11:11!!!
by Helena April 01, 2005
My North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk my song.
I love Constantin.
by helena September 12, 2003
Something really annoying
que ladilla es maria
by Helena April 05, 2005
to hang around in a small group with little or nothing to do
looka those teens liging in the gardinia
by helena February 25, 2005
a clothing store for preps and hot bitches like me. has a beachy style, must be hot to work there (wtf!) but a great place to check out hot people.no this place does not mean that ur super rich, it all depends.
hey let's go to abercrombie, i haven't been there in hecka long.
by Helena April 01, 2005
Nicky: Omg I have to put the stupid ROTC uniform today
Josh: I love my country
David: What a fag!
by Helena February 26, 2005

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