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39 definitions by Helen

Word denotes extreme hangover. Can also be used to describe exceptionally drunken behaviour. Term derives from behaviour of legendry party girl.
Example 1. I drank 20 bottles of Amstel last night - got Suzannes life today.

Example 2. I was so drunk that cried in the boozer for two hours - Suzannes life!
by Helen January 05, 2004
That hot, dark looking professer who is hated by all and all are hated by him!
Snape: I want to spank you
Harry: Oh My!
by Helen August 29, 2003
A man behaving like a boy
by Helen October 24, 2003
A state of Double Happiness. Usually seeing double and being doubly happy.
God that drink made my head Double-H'ed.
by HElen February 25, 2005
To vomit, throw up, be sick
I was so bladdered last night I splagged all over my bed
by Helen December 07, 2004
an extremely sweet guy. i'll always remember his beautiful eyes
miske would always do dirty sanches for me. even when I don't ask for it.
by helen November 08, 2004
demtrius is my boyfriend and is the hottest guy in town we have been going out forever he is so sweet and caring so if any of u bitches fuck around with him i will kick ur asses
u got that
by Helen January 25, 2004