29 definitions by Heh

an emote used primarily in Yahoo messenger; like a smile, but better
Draccs: check out taht pix0r
Faun: :>
by heh March 25, 2003
when you're too stupid to spell "necro" proper
by heh March 24, 2003
A term used to describe a DAMN FINE women, or the most beautiful women ever
that girls my natalie!
by HEH May 12, 2003
a stick used by a boong to beat his/her children when they are "out of line", i.e. bathing or trying to clean themselves; any type of stick used to discipline someone
that fucking slag broke out the boong stick last night and fucking aced Mc
by heh March 25, 2003
An isonews wannabe website where people go to check the releases and then goto isonews to discuss it.
have you seen the nforce forum?

Nope , has anyone?
by heh February 19, 2003
anal sex with implied gayness
Oh my god, Taylor totally fraped my ccino last night
by heh March 25, 2003
when one is so depressed they no longer wish to live
I have entered a land far beyond all tears, and I now wish to die becuase I am fucking fat:as
by heh March 25, 2003

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