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Similar to saying safety after one emits gas or farts. When one farts, they must say junior poopface or simply, junior, june, or even le jun (pronounced lay june) or else one will be repeatedly slapped until one writes the word "JUNIOR POOPFACE" on a peice of paper. Similar to safety because when one farts, if one doesn't say safety, they will be punched until one touches a doorknob.
Bus: Hey riley, how ya d... (riley farts)
Riley: Junior Poopface!
Bus: DUDE! That smells like gay cat sex!
Riley: Sorry!
#safety #junior #le jun #fart #gas #junior poopface #butt smell #butt #ass #poop #smell #excretion
by Hefron December 14, 2007
When losing during a friendly game of pool, or simply billiards, the appropriate phrase to say to your opponent is "You Suck Gay". The word is also appropriate to use when losing at any type of event or activity, but particularly in billiards.
Lonnie: Robin, I'm beating you so bad!
Robin: Lonnie, YOU SUCK GAY!
#you suck gay #drinking #billiards #pool #games #bar expressions
by Hefron February 08, 2008
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