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Hotty!! ;)
The guy who makes everyone fall
in love with his smile. :)
He's such a Jun
by Chyeahhh123 October 08, 2008
351 111
A asian male name which is given to a sexy Korean or Japanese who is a great player in sports, usually football, and also with the girls.
Jun winning the MVP of the tournament and going home with the hotties
by Yoooommaammaaaa November 12, 2011
104 30
Japanese or Korean name given to the most amazing wonderful person you'll ever meet. He probably has a good sense of fashion, very good looking, and can make you laugh without even trying. If you know a jun you should really get to know him, you won't regret it!
Wow he's such a jun
by Mohojojo December 01, 2011
85 20
A very sexy male who is asian. He wears glasses and probably is going to grow up to be a pharmacist.

College student who likes tall white girls.

Very short but is a cutie.
Jackie: "OMG Jun's coming."
David: "I know you want him. Get 'eemmm"
Jackie: "I think I will ;] I can't resist a Jun."
by AsianCrackerrrrrrLovee January 23, 2010
103 56
Japanese or Korean origin name. Pronounced "joon". Also, name of tea, and high performance Japanese auto tuning shop. Also means "Dear" in Farsi, and an abbreviation of "Junior" in some countries.
"Call me Jun, sounds like the month"
by jun-jun November 26, 2008
110 83
This Cute fluffy mother :D !! when you see her you will feel extremely pedo for some reason.
Steven: omg it that a Jun Yu ?

John: I think so because I'm feeling pedo right now
by Aleexx October 17, 2010
12 29
N. An odd outcast which likes to scream and say random comments
The boy was being so random the mother called him a jun and kicked him out of the house.
by mysterybox45 August 12, 2011
13 33