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2 definitions by Heffa Jo

The mulhawk is an elusive branch of the Mullet family. Part mullet and part mohawk, you can find the mulhawk at places like race tracks, dollar stores, and Monster Truck Rallies. Often confused with a skullet, the mulhawk differs in that it oftens sports bangs (thus completing the "business in the front" requirement of the mullet).
At first he appeared to be a punk rocker sporting a mohawk, but the long, flowing locks in the back and NASCAR t-shirt definitely verified that he was in fact a redneck with a mulhawk.
by Heffa Jo July 26, 2006
The female version of the mulhawk, a hybrid breed of the Mullet family. Is similar to the femullet, and consists of the "business in the front, party in the back" mullet motto but has shaved sides, thus having qualities of a mohawk.
I thought that was a dude with a mulhawk, but it's a chick rockin' a femulhawk!
by Heffa Jo July 26, 2006