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The BEST weapon ever! Itl scare the shit outta ANYONE and it is WAY better than a shitty stiletto or switchblade. Too bad its not that portable...
The best part of Scarface was the scene where they were hacking up that gagged guy with the chainsaw in the washroom!
Gangsta Wigger- Hey Bitch! Gimme yo greens o il cut you up with my 5 inch switchblade!

Me - Oh yeah? (pulls out chainsaw, laughs as the gangsta wigger shits himself, tears the bloody fuck out of him)
by Heeheheh April 11, 2005
The Sounds you hear when your listening thru the door to people having sex
Bang! Bang! Gooberblat! Slurp! Bonk! Smash!
by Heeheheh April 11, 2005
A stupid expression which actually means "If something looks or sounds bad (like someone looks dangerous or someone is screaming), something is wrong
For real tho, it shouldnt be, Where There's Smoke Theres FIre, it should be Where Theres Smoke, There's Firemen
by Heeheheh April 11, 2005

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