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The feeling you wake up with in the morning after an emotional breakdown from the night before. This feeling is sometimes a result from an argument, a deep sadness, an unfortunate loss, a break-up, drama, strong feelings of regret, conflicting emotions, etc.

Typically the night before, you have trouble sleeping - you may even be physically tired yet remain mentally awake - which might involve tossing and turning all night long, a constant vigilance of the clock, and attempts to read or watch TV to try and sleep quicker.

Instead of sleeping away your sadness and waking up refreshed, the feelings come back to make you feel bad, maybe even worse. Now that you've had time to dwell on the situation and ponder your own feelings, repeating those feelings again the next day makes it sting a bit more.

Sometimes an emotional hangover is followed by ambivalence(conflicting emotions), stress, more drama, and/or just a really bad mood.

This is bad especially if you aren't a morning person. Usually this feeling comes to you when you least expect it: when someone mentions the situation to you, when you go online to check your mail, listen to some music, on your way to work/school, etc.
Guy: Hey, you don't look so good...rough night?

Girl: Yeah, I got into a fight with my ex last night and now I'm having an emotional hangover.

Guy: OH, I hope you feel better. Ya know, I'm still available ;)
by Hector Jr November 03, 2007
A text nuke is a text bomb on steroids.

Sending a text nuke requires sending a single recipient at least 500 text messages. Given the service and quality of the phone, this may take more than half an hour just to receive the messages. Very successful if don to recipient at inconvenient times: in class, during a test, 5AM, hooking up with somebody, at a meeting, etc...

A text nuke should be reserved for comical purposes or when you really want to mess with somebody. Careful - if done in jest, ensure that the recipient has a plan.

*Note: This can also be used to achieve more than a simple interruption, such as battery drainage...*
Tara: WTF man, you just sent me 500 text messages!

Me: Yes I just sent you a text nuke!
by Hector Jr November 26, 2009
The Cellphone Terrorist has the capability to disrupt classes without even being present. They will leave their belongings in class as they go for a bathroom break when, suddenly, the sound of "My Humps" fills the room. Yes, that's The Cellphone Terrorists new ring tone for this week and it isn't going to stop until they return. Those unfortunate enough to be sitting beside The Cellphone Terrorist will hang their head in shame as piercing gazes are shot directly their way.

Upon return, The Cellphone Terrorist will usually check their missed calls and proceed to call said person back by means of a covert coat-over-the-head technique that they have perfected.
*phone rings*

Jen: Hey Beth...oh yeah I know. OK I'll be there tonight. Yeah I'm in class right now, just call me back later with directions. I'll call Cindy right now and let her know.

Andrew: She is never off her phone and we are reviewing for the final.

Jake: I know man, that girl is a cellphone terrorist.
by Hector Jr August 12, 2008
To be ambidextros in two operating systems, such as for Mac OS and Windows OS.
Joe: Hey, I need you to work on this project. Do you prefer to use a Mac or PC?

Don: Well either one is fine. I really don't care.

Joe: Really? I had no idea that you were OSdextros!
by Hector Jr January 21, 2011

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