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When something is really, really cool, and you like it.(in a puertorican way)

Cuando algo esta muy, muy bueno y te gusta.(en una forma puertorriqueña)
That is chilin.

Eso está chilin.
by Hector January 31, 2004
It means when you are a real asshole and a dick (in a puertorican way).

Significa que eres un pendejo y un hijo de puta (en una forma puertorriqueña).
You are a cabron and an asshole.

Eres un cabrón hijo de la gran puta.
by Hector January 30, 2004
A small death.
As he injected he felt the familiar petit mort of the drug in his system.
by Hector July 16, 2003
Rock N Roll!!!!!!
Elan playing with his brother Jan Carlo.
by Hector November 18, 2003
another name for a radish.
After sex I like to snack on a squee.
by Hector November 27, 2004
More commonly known as a Hawaiian phrase meaning "hang loose", now used by wannabe Hawaiians that have only visited Hawaii once and think they are now, in fact, Hawaiian themselves by using the phrase. These people sometimes also think they are black along with Hawaiian which makes them furthermore retarded often using the racist slang "nigga" after the phrase.
Dude 1: Well I'm going to take off...

Dude 2: OK, shaka bra nigga!!!

Dude 1: Yeah, w/e...bye.
by Hector June 15, 2006
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