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Someone who pedos on Old Age Pensioners.
"Lets go to the old peoples' home"
"No, you fackn' OAPedo!"
by Hecky May 01, 2009
A marter is a muted farter who later admits to his or her flatulence. He or she will fart silently, but later admit to it in order to restore order to the crowd who are trying to find the culprit.

The word comes from both Martyr ( to die for ones beliefs ), and Muted-Farter.
Person 1 : Ahh that stinks, but I didn't hear it! Who did that?
Person 2 : Eugh that's gross!
Person 3 : Who did that?
Person 4 : Not me!
Person 2 : Not me!
Person 5 : It was I, I am the marter.
by Hecky May 28, 2009
Labatud, short for "Life's A Bitch And Then U Die".

The 'u' is used in the place of 'you' to make the word flow better.
John : Ouch! I just cut my finger
Hector : Labatud.
by Hecky May 05, 2009
When an email conversation becomes instant, with emails being sent back an fourth in a fashion similar to instant messaging.
Person 1 : Hey, have you spoken to that guy recently?
Person 2 : Yeah we've just been instant-mailing!
by Hecky May 28, 2009
So-ceeb, coming from "sorry, cba". Shortened to soceeb.
"You coming out tonight?"
"nah, soceeb"
by Hecky May 01, 2009
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