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Governance of the living
by the long-since
and nearly departed.
After eighteen years of indoctrination,
one has a chance to cast a vote for someone who may influence the next set of rules. With no expiration dates, or method of review, the laws keep piling up in a thanatocracy. When formal legal instruction is unavailable to the ordinary citizen without inordinate expense, the laws become a matter of hearsay, yet 'ignorance of the law' is no excuse, and poor people only get access to lawyers when they've been arrested. The rich buy lawyers, lobbyists, the occasional politician, and equal justice becomes unattainable.

It has been theorized that a society could exist in which the laws were considered to be the property of the people they belong to. In such a society, ANY citizen, regardless of social strata, could walk into an office of the LAW to find the answer to any question they might have regarding that which pertains to them without charge of any kind, as a public service. If there were any such thing as security in this society the same would be true in a hospital. If that social security numbbber really meant something.

Fuzzy math, indeed.
by Healing Practitioner17b March 19, 2009
1. Non-magnetic, highly subjective,
internal compass orientation
with interspherionic calibrations.

2. A tradional, carved vertical sculpture,
usually of potent influences,
arranged in ascending order of wig size.

3. A shaman or mystic,
of Eastern European origins.
1. That guy's pole of totem
is pointed towards a pyramid,
while that other one seems to navigate
by the heavenly bodies.

2. The intricacies of detail
and overall effect, including height,
are elements to be considered
in comparing poles of totem.

3. The local pole of totem
cured my stomach ailment
with fermented cabbage.

see also: poll of totem
by Healing Practitioner17b July 21, 2009
A gender-neutral term embracing the sum-total of humanity by reference to the presence of mammalian nurturing apparatus in both the male and female of the species; those in the male tending toward dormancy to varying degrees, though potentially stimulated by a suitable hormonal cocktail.
Some might argue that over the history of mamkind, males have been responsible for considerable aggression, females considerable emotion. Others might dodge the question altogether.
by Healing Practitioner17b May 10, 2009
Any method or procedure
based in ritual or dogma
that continues by force of momentum
beyond the limits of common sense,
excepting personal, faith-based sacraments, of course.
The idiotsyncracy of democracy
evolved solutions to its own travesties...
the 'square deal, square meal' plan, for example.
by Healing Practitioner17b July 21, 2009
One who exhibits an excessive
or overzealous level of political enthusiasm.
Oddly, the fanaticrats of opposing teams
paint their faces in similar colors,
leaving only the slant of their bluster
to distinguish them one from another.

see also: franticrat
by Healing Practitioner17b July 17, 2009
Any member of any party
who wields death as retribution
or instrument of oppression
while purporting to be 'pro-life'.
Seemingly capable of maintaining conflicting views without awareness of contradiction,
the thanatacrat might defend the potential for life of a cell mass,
that could not become human without the care of a mother,
while ordering young, autonomous humans
to kill or be killed by bureaucratic decree.

see also: fanaticrat
by Healing Practitioner17b July 17, 2009
Well, it used to be pronounced differently
back when the pit wasn't quite so deep,

to say nothing of the pendulums.
Under the tenets of cattlepitism,
it would appear that material necessities were kept scarce
at the lowest levels
in order to boost profitability for the highest ones.

The invention of electronic blips of currency,
in lieu of the actual minted variety,
made possible the removal of real value
from the commerce of the people who created it
to the digit banks of those who exploit them.

Imaginary funds were rented to the poor
while wavering economic policies
created boom and bust cycles of foreclosure
or should we say 'garage sales' of property
for the moneyed interests who,
having commissioned the rules themselves,
manage to retain their bonuses, even when times are 'tough'
for the people who move more than blips
in the course of their workdays.
by Healing Practitioner17b July 17, 2009
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