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Nic-kel Rock-it –adjective, -Nickel Rocket·er, noun, verb, -Nickel Rocket·ed, -Nickel Rocket·ing. Informal.

1. –noun a person who is stingy and miserly. reluctant to give or spend

2. –verb (used without object) to act in a stingy or miserly way. scanty or meager
1. (noun) Donald Trump bought Ed McMahon's house to save it from foreclosure and then leased it back to him! Ed McMahon is a real nickel rocket!

2. (verb) DC from marketing put me on a southwest flight, he is really nickle rocketing my travel plans.

3. (adjective) Clark invited me out to his private golf course, The Nickel Rocketer put in a fake slug and jammed the driving range ball machine.
by He$$e August 20, 2008

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