5 definitions by Hayze

Small round peice of shit
"look at that!!! i crapped out a nugget"!!!
by Hayze March 26, 2003
Nothing to do with chinese food but whne u have nothing else to say and your in a croud of people and want to make yourself look "funny" yell it out at the top of your lungs.
"so max...what is up?"

"ummmmm...RASH WONTON"
by Hayze March 26, 2003
A group or men (hopefully gay) who sit in a circle and masterbate 2 each other while splurging on themselves (very effective)
hey man, lest have a circle jerk tognite. I shotgun that u wack me off
by Hayze March 26, 2003
A potato
I feel like eating some yam french fries
by Hayze March 26, 2003
Part, but with out the t
"Yo dude, u just ate a parp of my ass"
by Hayze March 26, 2003

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