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A term used for fear of homosexuals, usualy occurs in men and strangly only usualy refers to men. Male homophobics are usualy only affensive/aggressive to other male homosexuals.

I myself am homophobic and believe that being gay is wrong and against nature. I mean if you have anal sex with someone it makes ur ass bleed. Also two men or two women can't reproduce, if humanity was intended to be gay then shouln't gay people be able to preproduce?

Ofc gays find a way around this by adopting a child. Man that child must be fucked up. Dad and dad or mum and mum... Expect the piss taken out of him for his school carear.
*John* That guys parents are both male
*Jack* Really, ha well his life is screwed
*Ann* Man you gives are so homophobic, there is nothing wrong with being gay...
*John and Jack having already walked off*
by Haxar October 10, 2007

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