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3 definitions by HawkGunner

a pointed leather shoe with a typically hard sole that clicks loudly when you walk. most frequently purchased by wogs but not exclusively made for wogs.
#1: Tom, Peter and Scott constantly take a photo of there wog tappers when they get wasted and post it on Facebook
by HawkGunner March 20, 2008
to feel under the weather or sick with a cold
Scott: Hi its just Scott, im sorry but i wont be able to come to work today, im feeling to sick.

Alan: Gee you sound like shit, you must have caught a dose of the wog! rest up and we will see you tomorrow
by HawkGunner March 27, 2008
To readjust figures to suit ones Business
Alan: Listen Rose ive rejigged the numbers and im sorry but your FIRED.

Rose: What do mean

Alan: I was looking at the figures for the business and that fucking bullshit pet therapy idea would have royaly fucked the business, were already fucked enough as it is. so I rejigged the numbers and your gone

Rose: (crying)

Alan: Dont give me that shit, Get the Fuck out of my office and go see some nursing homes on your way home, and dont fucking come back!
by HawkGunner July 10, 2008