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An all male college in southern virginia founded before the revolutionary war. A hampden-sydney man is white, rich, well bred, conservative, and drinks more beer than water. It is also fair to say that most Hampden-Sydney men get more play than any other group of guys in America. Sydney owns.
girl: I hear hes from hampden-sydney
second girl: Whoa, he must have an enormous apparatus.
girl: Oh dear yes! And a comparable bank roll!
second girl: did he just kill a keg?
by hasz June 06, 2004
The greatest, cheapest, always-open, eating establishment tailored perfectly for the 3AM intoxication that begs for a hearty waffle or other breakfast food. Also effective in treating the 11AM hangover with "Hash Borwns All The Way".
guy: Brother, I got the munchies real bad right now... pong just emptied me.
other guy: Time to Huddle Up!
guy: Damn straight, Huddle House it is, you're driving.
by Hasz June 09, 2004
Old Dominion University aka - Old Dirty University. An urban hellscape in norfuck virginia...one place you don't want to be after dark.... be prepared to sleep in your locked car.
guy: yo can you give me a ride to a party?
his caucasian associate: groovy, wheres it at?
guy: ODU, its beast!
associate: Old Dity? Hell no, brother, i made that mistake once before... I'm damn sure not sleeping in my car again.
by Hasz June 09, 2004
School, used by uneducated borderline mentally disabled urbanites who can't spell out the word "School" in its entirety. This is most likely due to the whole "Sch" sound that they are unable to transfer from vocal use to print.
"Sku is almost pau so itz tyme to parT"
by Hasz June 02, 2004

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