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See also: lonely, loser, geek, nerd or mastrubation.
C'mon guys, I really DO have a girlfriend. (What he doesn't know is that his "girlfriend" is actually a 6ft-one 350lb. inmate with an internet pass in the prison library.)
by Hasenpfeffer March 19, 2005
The hand opposite your right. See also:the other girlfriend
My brother broke his right hand last summer. He had to start dating his "other girlfriend" if ya' know what I mean.
by Hasenpfeffer March 19, 2005
A term used to describe the "daddy" parts of the male anatomy. Also a device that mimics the afore mentioned member. See also: penis, dick, rod, johnson, willy, pecker, cock, love rocket or vibrator, dildo
Jill worked on Jack's joy chisel like a pro.
by Hasenpfeffer March 19, 2005
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