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The one episode per season where the ticking clock of "24" is synchronized with real time.
Guy: "Whoa, the episode ended at 10PM and the clock onscreen said 10PM."
Guy #2: "It's the 24-quinox."
#equinox #24 #jack bauer #television #holidays
by Hartnoy February 01, 2010
The mixture of feelings of bitterness, sadness and regret when you realize a song lyric, scene from a movie, or some other kitschy moment is indeliably etched into your memory, wasting those brain cells for more deserving works.
I just heard Elton John's "Ticking" for the first time in probably twenty-five years and I recited every lyric, what a terrible regretiniscence.
#regret #reminiscence #memory #bitterness #sadness #elton john
by Hartnoy January 30, 2011
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