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The New England Patriots
The New England Patriots are cheaters, as they used illegal spying tactics to get their "dynasty."
by HarryPothead6009 September 14, 2007
The New England Patriots now have an asterik by their 3 "championships"
by HarryPothead6009 September 14, 2007
Bill Belichick is an example of someone who is a cheater. That's why he's often called Bill Belicheat.
by HarryPothead6009 February 07, 2008
The only good part of the 909. Great place to snowboard, ski, or just go out on the lake. Some parts can be kinda touristy though.
My family owned a cabin in Big Bear Lake when I was growing up. We would drive there from San Diego for the weekend every couple of months.
by HarryPothead6009 September 10, 2007

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