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to masturbate a pussy with your finger
She jacked me off while I finger fucked her.
by Harry Johnson June 11, 2003
finger fucking a pussy
by Harry Johnson June 11, 2003
A jacknut is a less offensive term used to insult someone.
Derek, you're such a crazy jacknut!
by Harry Johnson April 28, 2003
really good pussy from a girl under the age of 18
I picked up a Catholic schoolgirl and got some teeny poon. It was sweet!
by Harry Johnson June 11, 2003
a fat dude's tig ol bitties
You fat fuck! When you fuck your wife, WHO SUCKS WHOSE TITITES!?!
by Harry Johnson June 11, 2003
a highly nonintelligent individual who happens to be a nigger
pull your head out of your ass you dumb snigger
by Harry Johnson February 26, 2005

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