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2 definitions by Harmeister

McDonalds is possibly one of the big reasons why New York is so damn Liberal. The thing that's liberal about McDonalds is that the damned Fast food company is trying to make the rest of America look like hell holes like California and New York. I certainly dont want my state of Missouri and my birth state of Kansas to turn into a California or New York.
If McDonalds keeps growing, then even once Religious and old-fashioned countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran are going to be overly progressive countries where Females rule the government and men are forced to wear Skirts and dresses.
by Harmeister March 29, 2005
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A Chinese-American citizen that was responsible for leaking American Nuclear Secrets to China (The Clinton administration is partially to blame for that) Wen Ho Lee is guilty and there has been proof that he is guilty. He is backed by many of his Red China comrades such as Helen Zia and the Clintons and the people that say "he is not a spy" and "free Wen Ho Lee". He is the Modern-day Chinese equivilant to Julius and Ethel Rosenburg.

"Heheh, I said Hoe"
I think Wen Ho Lee is guilty without a doubt for leaking American atomic secrets. Bill and Hillary are also to blame for helping him obtain the atomic secrets.
by Harmeister March 29, 2005
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