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Any rating onboard an aircraft carrier which involves an individual whose job is directly associated with the aircraft. They usually stand in lines that they have no idea what it is for, correct nukes for their unshined boots and uncreased uniforms, and have nothing better to do inport than go home while the rest of the ship works.
That airdale chief just told me I saluted wrong.
Look at the airdales running around aimlessly on the flight deck.
That stupid airdale.
by hardworkinnuke September 12, 2008
One of the many ratings on an aircraft carrier other than that of a nuke. They usually complain about how nukes are spoiled overpaid bitches, even though the nukes are the ones that work far more hours, stand duty more often and are usually undermanned.
Nuke to Nuke:
We just stole a bunch of lightbulbs from a topside space.

Those dumb fuckin topsiders

Only topsiders get the day off today
by Hardworkinnuke September 12, 2008

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