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A six piece mathcore (who also incorporate elements of grindcore and experimental post-hardcore) band from New Jersey. Originally formed in 2002 with the name And Ever the group lacked a bass player. After releasing a five song demo and playing shows the band's style began to change and they soon changed their name to The Number Twelve Looks Like You (named after an episode from the television series The Twilight Zone). Since then the band is no longer a free bass outfit and have added a bassist.

The band's style is known for being very chaotic and heavy then switching to a softer more melodic sound very quickly (often multiple times in the same song) and alternating high pitched screaming, death growls, and clean singing

The band has released three full length albums which are:

Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses (2003)
nuclear. sad. nuclear (2005)
Mongrel (2007)

as well as two EP's :

An Inch of Gold for an Inch of Time (2005)
The Number Twelve Looks Like You EP (which was a Hot Topic exclusive)released in 2007

After a few lineup changes it's current members are:

Jesse Korman - Vocals
Justin Pedrick - Vocals
Alexis Pareja - Guitar
Jamie McIlroy - Guitar
Chris Russell - Bass
Jon Karel - Drums
The Number Twelve Looks Like you are one the greatest and most original bands to have ever played.
by HardcoreSam February 05, 2008
An experimental/post-hardcore band who formed in the summer of 2007 out of Portland, Oregon. It's members consist of Johnny Whitney, Cody Votolato (who were both members of the now defunct band The Blood Brothers), and Jay Clark (who was a member of Pretty Girls Make Graves).

They are currently working on their debut album which will be released through Matador Records sometime in 2008.
"Now that The Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves are broken up what do I have to look forward to?

I KNOW! Jaguar Love!"
by HardcoreSam February 05, 2008

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