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Incredibly hot guy.
yo, that guy's hot. he's a korman
by tamaduh May 16, 2003
while banging a girl, light her hair on fire, and shit on her eyebrows.

I kormaned that hoe.
by Vladaemir January 28, 2008
1.One who is smart and fashionable
2.One who is in the top 1% of all things good
3.One who is your boss
4.One who you envy
Synonyms: Boss, Pimp, The Man, Hottie, Sexy Cock

If only I was a Korman...everything would be so much better.
by JKor December 02, 2005
Crazy bastard who continuously uses
strings of swearing that somehow make sense. The cause of loud swearing up the dorm hall.
" What's that"
" That'd be Korman"
by fermentedcider April 09, 2009
1. Workaholic
2. Hopeless romantic
3. Winner
4. Wants to get out of JWU
Shragi was a korman at nationals
by Shragi April 06, 2003
1. douchebag.
The girl threw out her Korman after she was done cleaning herself with it.
by mah April 07, 2003
1. Caring guy
2. King of JWU
3. Stereotypical jew
4. Obsessed with cars, money, etc...
5. The parent when being around friends
6. All about business
7. One mo fo you do not want to mess with
8. Successful
Try to be a Korman at your school
by Bob Sagot March 16, 2005
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