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the feeling of panic, utter helplessness, and ineptitude, when someone is looking over your shoulder and you are trying to show them something on your computer
Mary had complete performance anxiety trying to navigate to the correct folder to show Jim the correct spreadsheet.
by Happy Girly of course! February 23, 2010
a large butt as a result of sitting in front of a computer all day coding, eating, testing, eating....repeat
During my time as a developer for a software company, I developed programmer's butt and had to quit my job to become a personal trainer
by Happy Girly of course! February 18, 2010
downing alcoholic beverages in rapid succession causing drunkeness in a short amount of time
After downing four shots of tequila in 10 minutes I was well on my way to getting splickity lit.
by Happy Girly of course! February 19, 2010
the same intense uninhibited happiness a dog expresses to its master when the master has been gone for 2 minutes or 2 weeks
Jack, my dog, greets me with the same pure dog joy, when I return from getting the paper in the driveway or a three week vacation
by Happy Girly of course! February 19, 2010
ordering high caloric food and a diet soft drink
Mary exhibits split menu personality syndrome as she places her drive-thru order, "Umm yes I'd like a Number 3 Value meal, super-sized with a small diet coke...oh yeah and add in an apple turnover"
by Happy Girly of course! February 26, 2010
female who takes charge of events, games, etc for the benefit of keeping it organized and ongoing. can be mistakenly interpreted as bossy or controlling
We will always have our monthly card games and grill outs because Mary can be a real cezi.
by Happy Girly of course! February 19, 2010
lit match inserted flame first into mouth held in place by teeth, usually accompanied by waving fingers on either side of your head. most effective in a darkened room after alcohol consumption
Larry impresses and amazes us with his happy jack-o'-lantern, never burning the roof of his mouth.
by Happy Girly of course! February 20, 2010
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