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6 definitions by Hanzeus

1. When a shit teases the sphincter by popping in and out.
2. A horny roomate.
3. A taunting of the anus
1. I ate corn for dinner, and my ass retaliated by pulling the peeping turtle.
2. My roomate is a peeping turtle. He watched Rusty donkey punch an old stripper.
by Hanzeus November 20, 2003
36 12
A woman (or man, whatever submerges your submarine) who gives awful blow jobs. The name originates from Cobzeus, the Norwegian goddess or corn shucking, who once treated Hermes' penis as a cob of corn.
Yeah, Julia Roberts is really hot, but i heard she was a cob knobbler. And anyways, she's a homewrecker, and she's not hot.
by Hanzeus September 29, 2003
16 4
(n)1.An ancient device of torture used by Norwegian Pirates, in which the victims genitallia were placed in a vice-like apparatus. 2.A true douchebag.
1. Yaarrgghh!! Walk the plank or suffer the cacksmasher!
2. Seriously, that Paine kid is a real cacksmasher. He just molested my Uncle Clarence.
by Hanzeus September 24, 2003
4 0
When you are so tizyte you become ill, and break out into the Bigelow at inappropriate times, especially while Donkey Punching.
Manwong is so gangsta, she gave turtle Heckatitis B when he donkey punched her
by Hanzeus November 20, 2003
6 6
To spooge all over the place, in a messy, and often hasty, fashion.
The party was going great, until Dogroll whipped around and sopped in my eye.
by Hanzeus November 04, 2003
4 28
a word to use in place of 'nigga'. This word originated from the McTease Clan of Albuquerque, where dem niggas liked to sop all over the place.
Damn Crackroll, the Tigga be triflin'!
by Hanzeus November 04, 2003
21 54