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The term, "The man, the myth, the living legend!" is used in response when you see someone you haven't seen in a long time.
There goes Ted "The man, the myth, the living legend!".
by Hankscolts June 25, 2011
The term "I'm as serious as dick cancer" is a response from one guy when asked by another guy if they are serious.
Person 1- Are you serious????

Person 2- I'm serious, bro! I'm as serious as dick cancer"!
by Hankscolts May 28, 2011
A Correctional facility is a nicer term for the public for a prison.
Welcome, to a Correctional facility, human wastebag!!!
by Hankscolts June 07, 2011
Thanks, one way! Is a statement or response to one person that only thinks of themselves.
Person 1- I just took the last piece of pizza.

Person 2- Thanks, one way!
by Hankscolts June 25, 2011
Four finger fucking is a response used by one person when told by another person a story or describing a sitution that is unbelieveable.
Person 1 "Telling a unbelieveable story or sitution"

Person 2 response- " Are you four finger fucking me??? I can't believe that story happened.
by Hankscolts May 28, 2011
Big furry fuzzy kittens ( or big furry fuzzy kittens with claws) is a phrase said when someone is more then mad. If they say big furry fuzzy kittens with claws, then they are beyond mad and are so upset they have blacked out.
Person 1- telling story or comment making other person mad.

Person 2- you keep it up, I'm going to have Big furry fuzzy kittens with claws.

Person 1- I'm sorry to upset you, then.
by Hankscolts January 11, 2013
Shit shucker someone who throws shit either phyiscal or verbally.
Person 1- Don't be a shit shucker with your B.S.!
by Hankscolts June 07, 2011
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