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9 definitions by Hankscolts

Is that the gold standard we go by now a days?- is a phrase that is used when someone descripts a certain standard of a people in a conversation. This usually is a duh factor answer.
Person 1- The girl I'm dating now wants me to call her mommy when I see her.

Person 2- Is that's the gold standard we go by now a days?
by Hankscolts February 03, 2012
Moblie command center is a pharse or slang term when you take mutliple electronic devices or items with you. Such as a cell phone or several cell phones, beeper, computer, binders, bag, etc. A termed used when your connected to these devices due to personal or work reasons.
Husband: Honey I'm leaving, see you later.

Wife: Don't forget to take your moblie command center with you!
by Hankscolts July 10, 2011