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4 definitions by Hande

derived from the phrase buckle up; used in more serious situations with stuborn people
you better buck the fuckle up before i make you
by hande October 23, 2004
me... my name, not a car
hande' is so fucking awesome... she's hot, smart and concieted for doing this.
by hande October 23, 2004
my last name, was also know, as the king, but when preceded by hande it means ruler of the world
person 1: man, kwok rocked today, she aced the test, and got with the hottest guy in school

person 2: that's because she owns him and the rest of the world
by hande October 24, 2004
Refers to the way a person lives. This includes patterns of social relations, food consumption, behaviors and interests. A lifestyle typically reflects an individual's attitudes and one's interaction with the world.
The lifestyle of urban living can include living within a central business district, usually in an apartment, or living outside the central business districts in suburbs, known as suburban living.

Note: never write lifestyles separately!!
by Hande March 09, 2012