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An infamous collection of guro that involves a girl being mutilated, and then put into a suitcase. Also known as probably the sickest thing on the internet.
I puked after seeing just 1 suitcasegirl pic.
by Hand Hanzo January 16, 2005
To get pwned, fo' shizzle. A word formed from two different types of slang: hip-hop slang (where the -izzle suffix comes from), and l33tspeak (where pwned comes from). Also spelled pwn'dizzle
You just got pwnedizzle fo' shizzle because I do my dizzamn pimp thizzle, bizzle!
by Hand Hanzo May 29, 2005
The BooKoo Style allows t3h w00tness to constantly spread through our bodies and minds.
It consists of getting a major energy drink buzz by drinking a whole can of BooKoo Energy, listening to aggressive, hardcore beats, and playing your favorite video/computer game, all at the same time, to acquire w00tness.
BooKoo Style, because that's how Hand Hanzo roll.
by Hand Hanzo January 22, 2005
Another word for furry. A slang term born of 4chan's word filter, where if anybody tries to type the word furry, it is replaced with the word drama.
I need some more drama pr0n. Somebody get /fur/ back up.
by Hand Hanzo April 28, 2005
A highly addictive Dope Wars spinoff(that's actually even better than Dope Wars) made in Flash by Josh Tuttle. It's a seriously addictive game where you buy things to sell at other planets, and with the money you earn, you can trade in your ship and get guns for your ship (must you go into battle)
I spent all day playing Taipan 3000 SE! I got l33t skills in this game!
by Hand Hanzo December 21, 2004
a unique replacement for the non-sexual meanings of the word 'fuck' that sounds really cool. also, mucked, mucking
1: What the muck are you doing? I'm really mucked now.
2: You don't wanna muck with me, buddy.
3: MUCK! I'm stuck on this mucking level!
by Hand Hanzo August 11, 2005
The really cute camgirl on 4chan, who posts in the /b/ section. She's very sweet and brings smiles to all /b/-tards with her cute pics. The most popular 4chan camgirl since cracky-chan.
era is so cute! I look at my pictures of her every day, wishing that one day, we could meet face to face.
by Hand Hanzo April 01, 2005
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