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11 definitions by Ham

Teeside, desolote region of North Yorskhire that has a toxic atmosphere. Gas-masks are required at all times within Teeside.
See That dirty black haze on the horizon son? Thats Middlesbrough, in Teeside... The great smog
by Ham November 19, 2003
Dirty twat.
"Been to the clinic again, pissing pins"
by Ham March 24, 2004
An ass that has so much cellulite it resembles a waffle.
I was about to have sex with this girl but when she pulled down her pants,
I almost vomited at the sight of her waffle ass.
by ham May 10, 2004
a young bellend by the name of P*TER HE*RT
neeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, what r u doin' snout?!?!?!
by HAM October 10, 2003