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a polite phrase for a crap
oh man, i've got a solid fart ready to go
by Haleth August 22, 2006
the product of when you wank off
dammit jim! you didn't wash your wank juice off the ceiling!
by Haleth August 27, 2006
it is the gas that smells like poo. a fart.
Uh oh! I did a poo gas!
by Haleth August 22, 2006
a soup my little sister made up when she was a kid. It consisted of her poop, one of my smelly sneakers, carrots, and water. if you ever mentioned it to her, she'd giggle herself silly. do that now and she turns red.
yummy yummy poop soup in the tummy!
by Haleth August 22, 2006

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