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He's an asshole, cute as fuck, but an asshole none the less. Likes to dip out when stuff that has nothing to do with you gets hard. Refuses to talk to you about his problems instead just blames you for them. Hates confrontation if he's losing. Has sex with your friends, after promising that he wont do that again. Breaks your heart continuously. Talks so much shit when he has no justification to do so. Lies like crazy, makes empty promises. Doesnt give a shit about your feelings when he hurts them. You can do everything in your power to make him happy and you can love him as much as humanly possible but he's crazy and doesnt care. Likes to spit out random comments that dont make sense. He's bat shit fucking crazy. But I love him. Hahah
*;So you and Shawn are friends again?
**;Nope, he stopped talking to me.
*;For what?
**;No clue.
by HahahaHeToldMeToDoThis May 17, 2012

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