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In World of Warcraft, a sneaky little bugger that wears leather armour, and attacks with pointy things to do a lot of damage in a little amount of time. Commonly mispelled "rouge".

"It's ROGUE you fucking moron. Damn."
by Hadranos September 05, 2006
In World of Warcraft, it means that an item is ungivable to anyone else. Quest rewards and phat l00t are nearly always bind on pickup, meaning that the only way to get rid of them is to sell them.
"WTB Thunderfury and Sulfuras, PST."

"Fucking idiot, they're soulbound."
by Hadranos September 05, 2006
A World of Warcraft term, meaning awesome items the greatly increase the usefulness of your character.
"Holy shit! The entire Bloodfang set dropped and was given to one rogue!"

"PHAT L00T!"
by Hadranos September 05, 2006

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