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Team Fortress 2 is a team based FPS for the PC. It is also available on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and is included in The Orange Box. Team Fortress 2 consists of 9 different classes of soldiers with different abilities, playing as two teams with various objectives. It will not fade out anytime soon, and people will still be playing this game years from now, much like what happened with Quake III. This game is like crack-cocaine in that you keep playing it. This is really only true with the PC version, as the console versions suck by comparison. They just suck actually, even standing alone.
I can't eat right now, I want to play some Team Fortress 2.

Forget work, I'm playing some Team Fortress 2.

by Hackfest December 13, 2007
Parasitic lifeform that leeches onto it's host and drains the life of said host. Found on the planet SR-388.
The metroid attached to my sac and now I'm sterile.
by Hackfest May 23, 2005
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