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2 definitions by Hacienda Heights

A lazy teacher that assigns massive amounts of busy work each day while re-sizing and changing the fonts of other teacher's assignments and outlines and claiming it as his own.

Common derivatives include:
RG:BW (busy work given by a "r0gan" teacher, usually comes in the form of a worksheet that "r0gan" himself cannot answer)
RG:BT (tests that do not actually count, but given to waste time so the teacher can screw around doing absolutely nothing, probably because he gets paid crappy wages. I mean seriously, who the hell would want to hire a r0gan?)
RG:BP (projects that deal with things totally unrelated to the class to take up a student's time such as ABC books)

These kind of teachers usually come from borderline community colleges such as Cal State Long Beach
Bob: Hey we're gonna go smoke some weed, wanna come?
Mike: Fuck...sorry man, i got RG:BW (Rogan:BusyWork) to do
by Hacienda Heights January 06, 2007
31 34
Spread like fuck. Someone who incessantly spreads things he/she hears until everybody knows about it. Has wavy hair (sometimes) and brings friends to lingerie parties.
Jenna T: My sandwich has two slices of cheese today
Rachel C (SLF): HEY EVERYONE!!! I heard that Jenna's sandwich has two slices of cheese today...that's JUST LIKE HER SANDWICH FROM YESTERDAY, but today everybody has to know about it
by Hacienda Heights April 12, 2008
7 13