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The act of making sex, having sex, or getting down and dirty.
Yea, we got home last night n' did the bone dance.
by Habeeb June 26, 2006
uber, l33t, cant get any better...
"as loolex as one mortal can be" meaning "fuck u all i pretty much rule"
by HABEEB August 31, 2003
Something that gets in the way when your ready to do the bone dance.

Also.. a stupid word reffering to a "pair of pants", which makes no sense because its only one pant, yet nobody says "i bought a sweet pant yesterday", so it doesnt work that way.

I was tryin to fuck this bitch when i was drunk, but then i noticed my pants were in the way >.<!
by Habeeb June 26, 2006
An amphibious vehicle used to transport people from one area to another via water (duh).

a boat is commonly used by rednecks to escape from the old lady and drink lots of beer. They tend to use the excuse that they are fishing, although really they are just drinking lots of beer and watching the water.

Many times a boat can also be used to transport illegal aliens from Cuba(and other Latin American countries) to the United States. Often these boats are captured, repainted, and sold to rednecks.

Loads of middle class white men want boats, but they never get them. Only the bold white trash people get them.

A very costly mistake of some people is to confuse a boat with a yacht or a ship. Only rich people can afford those, or a redneck with no house. Therefor they are not in the category of boats.

African Americans never want boats, because they cant swim.
Only rednecks and white trash have boats
by Habeeb May 05, 2006
master of the n00bz... the one who rule your asses fuckheadz... the big bald green... ub3R L33T...irc jedi... beer devourer... finlandia drinker... totaly cool !
one day i will be so shrekie
by HABEEB September 01, 2003
A replacement for the commonly used insult of "Jew", it can be used freely without fear of offending a possible nearby Jewish individual.

It is most effectively used when the direct object is being especially greedy ("Jewish") with his/her belongings.
Billy: "Hey Johnny, can i bum a dollar homie?"
Johnny: "No."
Billy: "Come on Abraham it's just a dollar!"
by Habeeb December 16, 2006

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