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The nickname for only the greatest player currently in the NBA, Kobe Bryant. He also has the deadliest jumpshot in NBA History and holds 4 NBA Finals Rings as well. He will soon pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most points scored in NBA history.
Santits: Lebron!!!!! Whoo he just won his 2nd MVP

Lucas: Dude FUCK LEBRON!!! Its all about the Black MAMBA BITCHES!!!!!!!!

Jaime: Yea Lebron Sucks but wait dont forget The Black MAMBA is also a snake. :)
by HUNTER_HH May 04, 2010
When you see a hot chick at McDonalds eating a loaded Big Mac very hot and seductive that it causes her to have a major orgasim.
George: Dam look at the way she's garfing down that Big Mac

Matt: I know man thats just so McHot!!! :)

George: Ya man its so orgasmic :o
by Hunter_HH May 04, 2010
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