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a werewolf from white wolf publishing's werewolf: the apocalypse

Known as the warriors of gaia. They defend Gaia from the ravages of the wyrm
thats one bad garou killing that wyrm beastie
by HSTF Syndrome September 12, 2003
a auspice of the werewolves from white wolf publishing's werewolf:the apocalpse

they are the shaman or magicians of the Garou ( werewolves) they speak to spirits and help other werewolves with mystical rites

they are prepresented by the cresent moon
that guy is seeing things again!
so either he is a theurge or has been smoking something
by HSTF Syndrome September 12, 2003
A Werewolf Auspice from white wolf publishing's werewolf : the apocalypse

represented by the full moon they are the warriors of the Garou ( werewolves) representing the noble rage of gaia
Man that guys is as angry as six ahrouns in a paper bag who's mothers have been called bitches
by HSTF Syndrome September 12, 2003
for suremy afican american friend!
Yo! fo shizzle my nizzo!
by HSTF Syndrome September 14, 2003
an actronym for the pen and paper rpg Werewolf the apocalypse by white wolf publishing
oooh the new W:TA stuff is in


they haven't brought out any good w:ta stuff since the revised edition came out
by HSTF Syndrome September 12, 2003
(n)short: nos
Also a Clan of vampires from White Wolf Publishings Vampire: The Masquerade
Damn that guy is as fugly as a Nos!
by HSTF Syndrome September 12, 2003
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