4 definitions by HL Deez

breasts that are unatractive in any way, be they saggy, miscolored, wrinkled, or pancake like in nature.
that chik's tits were no good, she was working with some flap jacks.

flap jacks, jacks flapped
by HL Deez February 17, 2005
Hard- to do something softly is to do it very well or very quietly, or not at all quietly, but certainly hard...softly.
All the babes in the castle morph into this humongous female crotch.The huge boner and crotch pork softly, while slamming into the guitar and wailing. -Robert Hamburger 2004
by HL Deez February 17, 2005
Noun describing any type of pleasant /unpleasant mixture or substrate... or just shit or piss. Verb: Micterate
Micter Anderson! Its the Smell!
by HL Deez February 17, 2005
verb describing the act of mixing, swirling, coagulating or curdling.
I made a Frangelico and milk, then just watched it micterate before drinking.
by HL Deez February 17, 2005

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