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In the south Indian language of Tamil, thambi means "little brother".

Can be used to call a friend (as a replacement for "bro" or "dude" or the friend's name).
Older brother/sister: "Thambi hurry up! You need to go to school!"

Thambi: "*groans* I don't wanna go to school..."

2nd example:

Friend 1: "Wassup thambi?"

Friend 2: "Wat up dude?"
by HK February 10, 2005
"Floppy Sloppy Anal Cavity". Best used to describe Goatse.
Good ol' FSAC
by HK June 22, 2003
Ancient Zulu language. Literally translates to "SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
Angel scores 100 points for the word "Bithieno".
by HK June 22, 2003
A burial ground for many geese.
Man, that trench gaggle is damned big.
by HK February 22, 2004
usually day of release for music or games on the internet relating to the pirate groups that release it on the internet
warez, mp3z, appzz, gamez
by hk September 21, 2003

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