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suicide which is clean and quick to perform. cleaning your gun then "accidentely" pulling the trigger is one form of cleansed suicide, which was invented by some aussie private. that was the end of him. it is also when you use a limited resource of material availiable to perform a cleansed suicide. hanging yourself with a tie is one of them while in the office.
some dude#1: dude my wife just left me and someone taped over my favourite episode of 3rd rock from the sun..

some dude#2: well dude what are you gonna do about it?

some dude#1: dunno kill myself, what can i use?
* picks up a pen and sticks it in his throat*

some dude #1 : *gasp gasp gasp gasp arghh..*

some dude #2: RIFK cleansed suicide..
by HITMANHRT May 10, 2006
A. a sort of turtle

B. an army performed by roman soldiers in which they all raise their sheilds to protect each other..
watch the movie "gladiator" and watch out for the bit where russell crowe is a gladiator with a small army in the colleseum up against the chariot archers.. whom which get 0wned by the act of testudos
by HITMANHRT November 09, 2005
a feeling of when someone is feeling stuffed, and reeal pissed off..some peeps are always shit potato..dont take it the wrong way...or in this case..the wong way...
wight: dont talk to me...im real pissed today,my girlfriend just dumped me..
wong: ahhh shit potato today are we?
wight:ya...i guess now shutup for a sec..its my fav episode of 3rd rock from the sun..
by HITMANHRT February 11, 2006

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