Top Definition
A girl who sleeps around. The underdog whore.
"Danielle is such a floosy"
by Amberger May 24, 2004
a loose woman; often used as the first in a progression of gradually worsening insults, including crackhead, slut, biatch, whore, cunt, and others.
"Uhh... cunt!"
"Oo, er, you win."
by noname December 01, 2004
A loose woman.
Kim kardashian is a floosy
by Slovinianpimp February 27, 2011
A women who prowls, flirts or has sex with married men
Sarah has been with a dozen married men. . She is such a floosy
by ziondystopia March 29, 2014
a free prostitute
your such a floosy
by rose65822 October 13, 2014

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