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The combo of having lunch and going for tea.
I'm in for some tea and a munchee, so let's go for Lunchea!
by Hammahouse January 10, 2011
Paying twice the price and still feeling good about it.
1. Hey they didn't have that $20 shirt at the store anymore, so I Star Bucked it for $40 at another.

2. I lost the auction on Ebay so I Star Bucked it with a Buy It Now.
by HAMMAHOUSE July 18, 2009
A person who has one or more videos on Youtube with over 1.000.000 views.
Drew: "Shit, I only have 30 views on my Youtube video..

DJ Hammahouse: "yeah I know eh.. still working on being a Tubellionaire myself with hammahouse dot com."
by hammahouse May 25, 2010
The habit of dumping fines and other miscellaneous bills down the trash as soon as they come in the mail.
"Bills don't stress me out; I just read between the fines."
by HAMMAHOUSE July 20, 2009
Taking a girl out for a lunch date and then let her pay for everything.
I took this gal out to this really fancy place downtown. When we were done, I got her all pissed cuz I donkey lunched her :)
by HAMMAHOUSE July 18, 2009
A wannabe break dancer who can't keep a beat. So bad that it looks like a person being tazed.
So we watched a breakdance crew in the club. Then John stepped in. Everyone laughed cuz he's a freakin Taze Dancer.
by HAMMAHOUSE July 18, 2009
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