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Shows like Law & Order, NCIS, CSI, Burn Notice, etc. in which the plots are tightly based on current events, particularly those which fuel the paranoia that keeps fear alive. Dramaganda is the dominant genre of modern entertainment.
Some dialogue from a dramaganda show might go like this:
Gibbs: "We better find those terrorists before they recruit any more cub scouts."
Abby: "
I can find them if you get me more sub-atomic particles from the bottoms of their sandals."
McGee: "I'll go undercover to the cub scout meeting at the new muslim cultural center in the Capital Building."
by HAL9010 November 29, 2010
Stands for "tenth of a ton", i.e. 200 pounds, and is used to refer to women of such size. There are also "over toats", which is , of course OVER 200 lbs. This term can be used freely and should replace BBW as a general term for overweight women. A BBW could be a TOAT, but not all TOATs are Big Beautiful Women.
" I no longer wondered why that Honda Civic scraped the ground pulling into Dairy Queen after I saw the two TOATS get out and rush the counter."

Queen Latifah is a BBW and probably a TOAT, but the fatty at Walmart in sweats and flip flops buying cigs, grape soda and circus peanuts is just a TOAT.
by HAL9010 November 29, 2010

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