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Verb. When a message board user posts a reply or creates a thread that contains dated material and the other users scold said user for posting old material, the posting user is said to have been olded off the message board.
Noob user posts a link to long cat. Message board posters olded him off the board. i.e.
Poster1: OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poster2: this is the newest video evar
Poster3: omg old
by H0ffmaster April 28, 2011
A Bitch Bust is defined as a move in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit where a cop parks near a recently wrecked speeder to get an instant bust. It is deemed a cheap move that prematurely ends the game.
He would have won the race if he didn't get bitch busted by that cop.
by H0ffmaster April 28, 2011

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