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Although it's the name of a character in some anime, Aoshi is also used to describe a person who has an overwhelming obsession over penises online.
Person1: 8===D
Person2: Stop being such an Aoshi, you raging homosexual!
by H00chymama January 08, 2008
A derogatorive term for people that have a strange fetish for anorexic people.
Olsen fans are all aviz bastards!
by H00chymama January 08, 2008
Bitches and hoes for rent and more.
Don't fuss! Mega's palace has puss for less!
by h00chymama January 14, 2009
A person who power abuses because of his real life insecurities.
Jason, don't be such a Dranzer!
by h00chymama November 11, 2007
When one person shits on another person's back and sprinkle it with pubes.
Josh, is that baked goods on your back?
by h00chymama November 11, 2007
An Australian term for a homosexual man who is unpleasantly fat and un-attractive.
Girl: Seeing a Joey at the club last night almost made me want to turn lesbian.
by H00chymama January 08, 2008

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