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That what the decadent Amis (who are no bros to tha culture) after thier orgies, left for us.
Some cheap Fastfood from any blabla-buy-my-fat-supersize-store.
Mostly the remaining Stuff of the Triple and Quater-Pounders with a weird sauce pickles some mass called "cheese" and some contemptible, disgustig "French"-Fries with too much Salt. They Call it Cheeseburger by MC Dirt.
To have for the absolute Rest of your Money, nearby the local Trainstation. Better take to the Train.
pit : "oh man these american breakfasts killing me. I guess I ' ll pay anyday with my Puke on it"
kalle : "alda, go for mamas lasange next time or ask me to grill you some deli schnitzel, bro!"
by GuyNextCorner April 16, 2009

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