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To be inconsiderate or to take something without approval.
"Max, you are one schisty son of a b*tch!"
"You totally schisted my tattoo!"
by Gunslinger May 17, 2006
(For lesbians) To put on a strap-on dildo for either porking or packing purposes.
Hurry up and strap one on, bitch! I'm dying for a slam!
If we're going out tonight then wait a minute while I strap one on- I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea if they grope me.
by gunslinger May 14, 2006
Any iPod that isn't white or black.
Jeez, you see Jimmy's new pink fagpod? I swear, that boy's bleatin' for a beatin'.
by gunslinger May 14, 2006
A misunderstanding caused by the inability to infer inflection and tone from a text message. Sometimes caused by the sensitivity of the recipient and sometimes by the ambiguity of the sender.
Bob: Dude, I got in a huge fight with Jenny last night and it turned out it was totally my fault.

Bill: What happened bro?

Bob: She sent me a text and I got the text impression she was making fun of me when in fact she was being sweet.

Bill: That sucks man, next time don't be so sensitive...
by Gunslinger August 24, 2010

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