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The act of covering a toilet seat with two layers of toilet paper, because some douche bag left a fucking turd on the toilet seat at work, and there's no way I'm sitting on that fucking thing with only one layer of toilet paper.
Yo, can you toss me in some more toilet paper? I'm double nesting this bitch because big kev took another shit.
by Gunslinga March 21, 2008
To eat Wendy's breakfast food for lunch, because you were brilliant enough to stop there before work that morning and buy more food than you could eat for breakfast. A technique usually practiced by those who wish breakfast food was served at Wendy's 24 hrs/day.
Guy 1: You coming to lunch?
Guy 2: (takes a bite of breakfast) Nope, egg n' sausage time travel baby!
Guy 1: What the hell is a gigawatt!?
by Gunslinga July 28, 2008
Short for 'Do Anal!' Response to someone that asks you to do something you don’t really want to, or a common sign-off when text messaging.
Person 1: Dude, I could really use a hand getting kegs for my party.
Person 2: dude, DANAL!
Person 1: OK, can you pick me up from the ER later then when I drop a testicle picking them out of my trunk?
Person 2: dude, DANAL!
Person 1: You’re a real c0ck-sucker…DANAL!
by Gunslinga June 16, 2008
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